You’re different.

You are the unique one, you are not the same as the others, you are different, right?

Remember that guy you saw in town the other day, didn’t stand out at all, made no impact on the environment around you, blended right into the crowd. Basic hairstyle, basic fashion sense, basic demeanour, basic. You probably don’t even remember him, you just remember that ‘basic’ look that you see so often, so you can immediately attribute the word ‘basic’ to a type of person.

But that’s from your perspective.

In his mind he’s out there, he’s different, he is quirky, and weird and totally out of his comfort zone, but enjoys that feeling of different. His new hairstyle that differs completely from his history of the same standard cut makes him feel totally out of the ordinary, his new slightly more vibrant and applied sense of style he’d been dreaming of for the past year makes him stand out in the crowd, the way his body opens up and his limbs move more freely creates a conscientious magnet that attracts the attention of EVERYONE around him. His entire visage, down to the minutiae of his muscle definition in the oddest places on his body make him stand out as much as you think you do.

But that’s from his perspective.

We are all super conscious of ourselves down to a molecular level, literally. And with that extreme level of self consciousness we are susceptible to nit-picking and finding every tiny extreme detail about ourselves that in a crowd, is impossible to notice. So of course we are all going to think we are different, especially when we decide to change. You are going to physically FEEL different if you go from wearing boots everyday to wearing trainers, even though you still blend right into that crowd.

However blending into a crowd doesn’t make you indifferent as an individual, not in the slightest. Think about a crowd of people, it is very difficult to determine individual features about everyone whilst still perceiving them as a crowd, as in order to regard them as a crowd you have to blend everything together into one stimuli otherwise you get overloaded and a simple perception becomes rocket science. But what about those people that immediately stand out in a crowd? Well they stand out because you want them to, it could be a physical attraction, it could be interest, it could be anything, but the reason that person stands out is because a little part of your brain is looking for that, or interested in that. Right now as you are reading this you’re most likely thinking of THAT person that stands out in a crowd, you’re thinking about how they look and why they stand out despite me giving you no information to imagine off of, because that image is what YOU are looking for. Makes sense right?

So that basic guy, is he different or not? Well of course he’s not, he looks the same as every other guy around and blends into the crowd so how can he be different? But then again he blends into a CROWD, you are never going to focus on a stimuli that is overcrowded by every other around you. So is he different or not? Of course he is, just not to your perspective.

We all think we are the different one, the odd one, the one that everyone is shooting their gaze towards. And we’re all right in thinking that, we are different, we think differently and that ultimately affects how we look and present ourselves, so we are all different, in our own ways of course, but definitely different. Yet we all have the capacity to blend into a crowd as not everyone perceives different, as the same.

So next time you notice that ‘basic’ person in a crowd and brush the thought of them off as another disdain passerby, look deeper into their detail, imagine their character, imagine what they’d look like in YOUR idea of different, realise how interesting everybody actually is, because we are all different, it just takes a particular perspective to notice it.

Once you are able to manipulate your perspective, you will see the beauty in everyone.


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